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News [Harald G. L. Schwefel]

Table of Contents


January 2018
  • Harald organises a session at the PQE


June 2018
  • Luke & Patrick present at the 2018 DWC Symposium
May 2018
  • Harald presents an invited talk at CLEO USA
  • invited talk at 2nd workshop on Asymmetric Microcavity and Wave Chaos in Fuzhou, China
March 2018
  • Our Marsden funding started!
February 2018
  • Luke presents a talk at Photonics West
January 2018
  • Harald presents an invited talk at “Dynamics in Artificial Quantum Systems” DAQS2018 in Tokyo.


December 2017
  • Gabriel and Luke present their work at this years ANZCOP2017 in Queenstown
  • Harald is the Technical Chair at this years ANZCOP2017 in Queenstown
November 2017
  • Harald received the prestigious Marsden funding for work on “Microresonator frequency combs through second-order nonlinearities”.
August 2017
  • Our proposal to host Prof Gerd Leuchs with a Julius von Haast fellowship was selected by the Royal Society of New Zealand.
  • Gabriel is visiting us from Spain to work on THz receivers. Welcome to NZ!
June 2017
  • Alfredo won the SAOT Student Award for his publication on the Microwave up-conversion published in OPTICA
May 2017
April 2017
January 2017
  • Harald is the scientific coordinator of the 10th annual DWC Symposium held in Dunedin.
  • Luke has an oral presentation at the symposium on “Harmonic Generation in Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators”
  • Harald gives an tutorial on “Optical Resonators for Linear and Nonlinear interactions”
  • Harald organises a break-out session on “Microwave to optics coherent conversion” at the 47th PQE conference in Snowbird Utah


December 2016
  • Harald gives a colloquium at the FAU in Erlangen Physik Kolloquium
  • Congratulations to Dr Florian Sedlmeir for defending his thesis on “Crystalline Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators” with summa cum laude
October 2016
September 2016
July 2016
June 2016
May 2016
  • Nonlinear and Quantum Optics with Whispering Gallery Resonators is on the arXiv, a massive review with more than 500 references, by Dmitry, Christoph, Andrey, Harald and Gerd.
  • Our manuscript “Efficient single sideband microwave to optical conversion using an electro-optical whispering gallery mode resonator” to the arXiv has been accepted at OPTICA.
  • Alfredo is back in Erlangen, Germany
April 2016
  • Welcome to Florian Sedlmeir who joins us in Dunedin.
March 2016
February 2016
January 2016
  • Alfredo Rueda comes for an extended stay in Dunedin, we finally submit our manuscript on “Efficient single sideband microwave to optical conversion using an electro-optical whispering gallery mode resonator” to the arXiv.


December 2015
November 2015
  • Elizabeth and Phillip start their Summer Studentship in my Lab and help me get everything setup.
September 2015
August 2015
  • Harald relocates to Dunedin in New Zealand to start a job as Senior lecturer.
July 2015
  • Harald receives the prestigious Heisenberg Stipend from the German Research Foundation (DFG) as well as a research grant.
  • Harald presents and invited talk of our work at PIERS in Prague.
June 2015
  • Florian presents our work on Sensing at CLEO Europe.
May 2015
  • Vladimir Kornienko visits us from Moscow State University.
  • Harald gives a talk at OIT in Beijing and a group seminar in the group of Yun Feng at Peking University.

April 2015
March 2015
February 2015
January 2015
  • Harald organizes a session and gives a plenary talk at the PQE 2015 in Snowbird, Utah, USA.
  • Florian presents a talk and Alfreo a poster at the PQE 2015 in Snowbird, Utah, USA.


December 2014
November 2014
October 2014
September 2014
  • New publication submitted to the ArXiv on sensing with crystalline WGM resonators.
  • Our edited volume in the Springer Series “The European Physical Journal Special Topics” is available online. This volume highlights the most recent developments which were presented at the 560. WE Heraeus Seminar “Taking Detection to the Limit – Biosensing with Optical Microcavities”. Editorial & Brief Report
  • Martin Hauer submitted a poster contribution to Photon 14 was upgraded to a talk - congratulations!
August 2014
  • Harald gives an invited talk at PIERS 2014 in Guangzhou, China
  • “Hot-Topic” talk at the CIPRIS Summer School in Höör, Sweden
  • uploaded new publication to the ArXiv on the exact identification of modes in large WGM resonators.
July 2014
  • Retreat of Division Leuchs at Schloss Ringberg
June 2014
  • Harald gives a Summer School lecture on “Non-linear optics in Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators” at the Extreme Photonics Summer School in Ottawa.
April 2014
March 2014
  • Group trip to the meeting of the German Physical Society in Berlin - two talks one poster.
  • Harald hold a course on Nanophotonics at the Winter Academy of the SAOT
February 2014
  • Florian Sedlmeir substitutes Harald at an invited talk at the Photonics West 2014 in San Francisco